How To Help An Elderly Neighbor Without Being Pushy?

Wanting to help those who need it comes naturally for most of us. However, there are some who can get a little offended by your kindness. This is generally normal among elderly neighbors (or family members) who are used to doing things for themselves and being independent. Here’s how you can help someone like that without being pushy or offending them…

Be tactful about how you offer help

Most older people now-a-days take offence to be called old. For example, if you see them carrying groceries and want to help; if you approach them with “you shouldn’t be carrying that, you’ll hurt yourself”, or any other way that will remind them of their age, there’s quite a possibility that even your well intended help might get turned down. Instead, be smart and tactful about how you help. Offer to carry a few of their stuff, making sure to take the heavier bags. It’s also a great idea to let them do a thing or two for you, so they don’t feel like they are being an inconvenience to you… 

Show them how to get their work done for themselves, the easier way 

If your elderly neighbors have been independent all their life, then the slowness and dependency that old age brings an be both frustrating and angering. For a person like this, rather than being helped, giving them tips to help themselves will be a better idea. Even simple ways to buy their groceries from an online grocery stores Singapore, or their medicines, can be a lot more helpful than you think. Being able to do their own things will also boost their self confidence; something that is vital for people their age.

Help them be more tech savvy

The world has become a very technical place. And though most elderly people are pretty tech savvy now-a-days, there are those who still struggle with it. Doing online grocery shopping, handling their banking work, connecting with their family; all of these things will be much easier if they know their way around the virtual world. Remember that humans are social creatures; and being able to connect with their friends and families will help their mental health as well.

Do chores that they hate doing, as opposed to chores they find harder to do

If you want to help your elderly neighbors out with their chores, choose to help them with dealing with the tasks they don’t like, as opposed to the tasks they find hard to do. Doing those tasks themselves might be a matter of pride to them, so it’s better leaving them to it. Don’t feel like you are not helping out here; because you are. By taking car of the minor tasks or the tasks they don’t like to do themselves, you are giving them more time and saving their energy to tackle the tasks they are having difficulties with…