Home Is What Home Is

Housing is a basic human need today. While there is an unfortunate group of people who still do not have homes, most of us in the ordinary society have a place that we can call home. This home might be a very big penthouse with all the modern facilities and it could also be a humble apartment with one bedroom and a kitchen. “Home” is neither decided by the size nor the budget that is spent through it. It does not matter where it is situated, and it certainly does not matter what is in there. All that matters is the feeling that the person who lives there gets when entering the premises. If it simply feels like “coming home”, that is what home I, it is not just walls, but so much more.

What differentiates a house, from a home is the fact that there are people associated with it. When you just visit a building that could be moved into, you do not consider it as a home, you consider it as a house. As it can be seen, for a “house” to be upgraded into a “home”, there should be a form of sentiment and feelings that should get associated with it. Sometimes the studio apartment in Singapore that you live in could have more homely feelings than a mansion with all the facilities. All the other factors disappear from the matters of importance when the feeling that is given by a proper home is taken into consideration.

As an example, studio serviced apartments that a bachelor could live in provide comfortable room to sleep at. It will act as a home, a place to gather memories, and a place to be yourself. We all pretend in the society, at the job, among friends and when one is finally home, all these acts do not matter. One can be one’s true self when they are home, and it would be greatly beneficial for one’s personality in so many ways. Sometimes home is not even a building, for some, it is closely associated with family and loved ones in such a way that they will feel homely no matter where they are, as long as they are with the people that they love.

A home is what a home is. It is a place to be yourself and it is a place where all your worries could be made trivial. Therefore, when one is turning a house into a home, steps should be taken to ensure this, not only in the terms of construction, but in terms of sentiment as well.