DIY Presents To Give Your Newly Expecting Friend

So your friend has told you the news and you are both wildly excited about the upcoming birth. But what are you supposed to give her as a gift? The usual wine bottle won’t apply because most expectant and new mothers don’t drink for a months after they have given birth. And you don’t want to give her the generic stroller and bottle set. So here are some suggestions for DIY projects:

A Baggy for All the StuffAs a new mom, your friend will be juggling a lot of things when she goes out with her newbie. Extra clothes, wipes, diapers or nappies, and many more things will have to be stuffed into a bag and within easy reach. So why not find her a bag that will hold everything? Look for an baby gifts online that sells blank bags, since the brick-and-mortar ones will have less choice. Buy a blank bag and make it your canvas; get fabric paints that are non-toxic and safe around children and decorate using her favourite designs and symbols in her favourite colours. Write words that will remind her of all the fun times you had together and which will inspire her when she is feeling blue.

An Amped Up BouncerThe child in the bouncer will be too small to know what the deco is, so take that opportunity to communicate with your friend instead. Buy a black bouncer that Is relatively quiet – no big lettering or designs. Think of the one word that summarizes your friend, like “cheerful”, “brave”, “inspirational” and so on. Then brainstorm another word that turns it into something kick-ass and cool which will (hopefully) make your friend’s day every time she sees it. Words like “cheerful princess” or “brave mamma” will remind your friend that you are behind her all the time and that you have faith in her. Stencil these words into the bouncer so that they are neon bright in her face. Something like this would make perfect gifts for baby shower – something for mamma, something for baby.

Handmade ClothesIf you are good with needlework and a sewing machine, buy cotton cloth, wash and dry it and then turn them into clothes for the little one. If your forte is embroidery then buy plain clothes and work your magic on it. While your friend may not dress her little one in your clothes all the time, the fact that they are hand embroidered or handmade will make them precious keepsakes someday. It is guaranteed that when it comes time to save something for memories, the item that had the most TLC (tender loving care) put into it will be the one that is saved.