Your Courier Agent

The chances in life that you need the assistance of a courier agent or service is very high. The reason most of use a courier agent is when we want to send parcels overseas or even within the country. When you are sending items across the miles, the safety of your items are essential. Quite often it can be gift items, food items, important documentation, business material, samples to much more. The safety and guarantee of all these products are very important, until it reaches its final destination.

More than a normal package that goes through the local or international mailing services courier services provide a much safer delivery. The delivery is also much faster and you can always insure your items for extra safety. How do these fastest local courier services really function? Is the procedure easy or something complex? Take a look at by yourself.

Do it all online Yes, you read it right, you can do it all online. All you have to do is arrange your package. You can simply log into the courier delivery in Singapore webpage and right there start filling in documentation. As long as you have all the necessary details this is easy. Your details, the receiver’s details, the item list, the weight of the package and whether or not you want insurance can be easily filled out on the online form. This will automatically calculate the pricing for you. the prices differ. You can choose it based on how fast you want it delivered. If it is a day or two deliveries the price is much more than standard delivery charges. You will have all the necessary details on your document online and then you are minutes away from sending your package.

The e-pay option and trackingOnce you have done filling all your documentation and decided what delivery option you would like to use, the final charge will be calculated. Once the final charge is calculated, it gets even more easy. You do not have to take print out of papers and go to your local agent for payments. You can simply use the e pay option and enter your credit card or debit card details or even pay with an electronic cheque instantly. Once you have done this you package is ready to be sent. Most courier services will pick it up from your own space or you just only need to drop it off. The process is simple as that. You save a lot of time and energy having to go through the hassle of couriering it. when the package is on the way, all you need to do is track it online and you will know the progress of your package, to its destination.