Wedding Receptions With A Twist!

An exciting wedding reception is a day to remember! We all do love a traditional and classic wedding reception, but if you’re the type of person that doesn’t want a usual reception, and want to add in your own personal touch to it, go right ahead! A little extra fun does harm to no one. Listed below are a few ideas you can explore before coming to any decisions!

Speeches and presentations
You’re bound to have speeches and toasts at your reception, why not accompany these with a screen displaying pictures of your best memories with the person giving the toast? This is a unique touch and will make the speech memorable. Pitch in the idea to your event planner or best-man/maid of honor, they’ll do the needful!

Make memories last
The best way to let each and every one of your guests to remember your special day is to have a photo booth in Singapore along with props that hold your names and the date. This is a big hit these days and allows everyone take home a piece of your big day.

Customized wedding favors
These are an exciting twist to your wedding reception. Everyone loves having their name on something, so customized wedding favors are an ideal way to show some love! Once your guests have RSVP’d you’ll have a rough count on the guests and their names, this makes the task much easier. You can look up online as several places offer customized wedding favors delivered right to your doorstep!

Taking out the three-course meal
Why not keep up with the modern times and take out the traditional three course meal and replace it with pizza? Or another one of your favorite foods? This is an excellent idea if you want to stray out of the mainstream reception idea. Or you could opt to have a buffet, consisting of a variety of food that you picked yourself!

Make fireworks a part of your day, and end your reception in style. Fireworks are bound to make your event photography have that extra spark!

DIY decoration
If you don’t want to stick to common types of decoration and want to opt with a more unique option, you can always DIY your decoration. This usually does take up quite a lot of time, so it’s best to always start a few weeks prior to your big day! You can either come up with your own ideas if you’re a creative person, or look up online for inspiration. Get all the extra hands you can get to help you on this task!

Other options to add a twist to your wedding reception would be outdoor activities, a dance off or a surprise dance off among several others!