The Need To Make Sure Scanning Of Employees Before Hiring

Employer and employee relationshiop had always been complicated despite the number of legal helps, obligations and acts put forth to ensure the safefty of each other. It is always so hard for both their parts because people are sefish. We have listed out some important things to note when you are hiring new candidates as employees. We also have listed out few important rights and obligations of the employers that can help them preserve their rights.
The employers part of hiring and related information and benefits
Most of the employers are now paying a man power company to hire employees for their companies. It is very important to make sure there is a security for them. But, the employers do not understand that the man power company may or may not track these people and see their records. They could be planted in your company to get your company secrets. For example, when you find a reliable secretary from corporate secretarial services, he or she might have some hidden agenda too. But, you do not have to worry because when you hire a person under some other institution; you can sue them if there is a problem, because of the employee. You can also make sure that there is a not much legal obligation for you by hiring them under a man power company.
In the beginning of the company, you can always make use of company registration services in Singapore, to make sure your records are in place. It will significantly reduce the chances of overhead costs. It will also help you make sure there is a little less of what you are spending because you do not have to pay the firm or place, bonus for festivals unless there was some kind of contractual expressed term stating so.
Employee starting competing business
Moreoever if one of your employee or former employees is found to be having a competitor company, they can be brought to courts. It is a federal law that the employees cannot run a competiting business like their former or current employer. Moreover, they cannot stimultaneously get involved in some kind of business of other interest when they are employed under a certain employer.
Other legal obligations of employees to the employer(s)
There are several other legal statutes and other legal Acts that will help the employers to maintain a stable relationship with their employees. There is a concept of good faith wherein the employee should work with a good faith and put forth maximum effort in their works. When there are problems arising due to the disciplinary acts of the employees, the first time, they will be brought under questioning. When they repeatedly do the same thing, the employer has the right to fire them.