Teaching Kids Maths Through Fun Activities

There are many ways you can teach a child. All children are not receptive to just one type of teaching. Some prefer activity while some prefer quiet study. Mathematics, in particular, can be very difficult to some children. There is a lot to remember and they will have a hard time with it. However, you can get them interested in maths by using fun activities.

You have to make maths a fun game. You can familiarise them with a maths app for kids where they can solve simple problems in a creative way. It will feel less of a chore and more like a game. There are many websites that offer such games and companies that create such games just for that purpose. They will learn to operate a digital device as well. This will improve their hand eye coordination. There are non-digital games your child can play such as board games and cards. It will improve their communication skills too. This is because they have to remember all the rules for a game. They can play it with a group of friends or make it a regular family event.

Educational games for kids can be interactive and it will help their concentration as well. It will be a fun way to spend some time with your child. They will automatically learn important things. There might also be activities that your child loves to participate in. Some parents give chores to their children and it becomes a routine in their daily life. For example, if you’re baking with your child, get them to do simple tasks such as counting eggs, measuring flour etc. You can also ask questions. One such example is, if there need to be 5 eggs in the bowl and only 2 has been put in, ask them how many eggs should be put in order to compete it. You can play travel games as well. For example, if you have a 5km journey and you have passed 1km, ask your child how far there is to go.

You can involve the child in your daily life and let them understand the real life uses of maths. One way to do this is by taking him/her for grocery shopping. You can tell them how much money you have for this trip and spend time adding up the prices in the items you have selected. Counting can be used in various ways. For example, you can count number plates with even numbers and make it a competition between the two of you. You can also count mail boxes or light posts when you’re walking down the street.