New Wedding Trends This Summer

Summer is the most awaited season by all brides. The splash of colour, the scent of grass and the bright sunlight are all the perfect elements for a beautiful wedding that every bride would ever dream of. Every summer, you will find new wedding trends that will make your special day a stylish and also elegant one. So here are some of them, so that you can plan your wedding by adding these trendy items.

Making use of the bright and bold coloured flowers of summer is a must. Start with your bridal bouquet. Rather than going with a fully white bouquet, you can add a few flowers of bold colours so that it will give you that pop of brightness every summer is bound to give. This will catch your guests’ eye and you will of course feel special with all that attention. You can also use dynamic colours as your theme. If you love light colours and have planned out everything already, that is totally fine. You can still add a few elements of colour to make it a typical summer wedding. Along with the vibrant flower decorations, you might think candles suit the best.

However, think twice. The new trend is to add colourful fruits such as apples, lemons, oranges and even limes. Floral bridesmaid dresses are another complete “yes” during this summer. It will not only be full-on summer, but will also stand out from the boring and plain bridesmaid dresses. Give your photographers something interesting to capture. Though you hired the best wedding videography in Singapore, their skills will go for a waste if you do not give them little special elements to capture.

You can do a few changes to your own look on your special day. Starting from your hair, many brides nowadays do two hair-dos in one day. You can have an up-do for the formal reception and then let your hair down during the evening party. Also, jeweled headpieces are so much in style. Leave the flowers aside. Go for a grand headpiece that would make you look like vintage royalty. Crop tops are going wild this summer. Use one in your wedding dress. You can pair it up with a lace skirt or even a pair of high-waist pants that would classy at your rehearsal dinner. If you don’t like crop tops, do not worry. Open back dresses are here to save you. Use some beautiful patterns and cutouts to show that flawless back.

A very new trend among couples is having a “pre-shoot”. This is a photography session before the wedding where the couple will either go to a special location or even do a shoot which will tell their love story in short. With this budding trend, wedding videography services have come up with very creative ideas to attract many people.

If you are searching for options to cut down your budget, here are a few. Minimal décor is used widely among weddings nowadays. Simple flower arrangements with a few candles and marbles here and there will be very elegant. Also, if you want to cut down your food costs, have a brunch wedding. Some waffles, pancakes and buns would do the trick.