Keeping Traditions That Matter

In every culture, there are traditions that are protected and followed. These traditions are a part of the culture. That is why it is important to follow them. However, the traditions of western culture are different from the traditions of the eastern culture. That is to be expected as those two cultures are made of different people who are used to leading different life styles.
There are western traditions that are aimed at celebrating family values. However, more than the western culture, eastern culture focuses on traditions, which mark special events in a person’s life or a family’s life. The Taimaobi or baby hair brush is the result of one such tradition. All these traditions can be divided into two groups.
Celebrating Festivals
Whether the culture is eastern or western, most of the traditions surround festivals. These festivals mark important events in that culture’s history. For example, the thanksgiving festival celebrated by Americans is to commemorate how the Native Americans helped the first pilgrims who came to America and celebrated the harvest festival with them. In the same manner, the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival is held every year to mark the end of New Year celebrations that is unique to China. Likewise there are many festivals that are celebrated in both cultures because of some significant reason. Both of these cultures carry on these traditions because their importance makes them matter.
Special Traditions
Then, we have special traditions. You can have a look at the tradition of shaking hands, which is a tradition introduced to the world by the western culture. It is the way to greet someone in their culture. Then, we have the tradition of worshipping elders. This is found in the eastern culture. Worshipping is a way to show respect to one’s elders.
If we look at Tai Mao Bi or baby hair brush making that is another special tradition followed in the eastern culture. In this tradition, the parents of the baby use the first cut hair of their child to make a calligraphy brush so that it can become a souvenir of that special moment. At present, there are even services that can help you with this calligraphy making process. With the help of such a service you can create that memorable brush in a special way. Such services exist because this is a tradition that matters.
Traditions are an essential part in any culture. Both western and eastern cultures are rich with such traditions. Though we may forget some traditions with time, there are certain traditions that are protected because they matter.