Becoming A Party Planning Ace!

Do you have a special knack for planning parties and special occasions? Are you the type of person that thinks of innovative and brilliant ideas in the blink of an eye? Well then, you have all the qualities to become a party planner! Here are a few tips on how to become a party planning wiz.

Figuring out

The first step to anything is laying out a future plan. Things may not go according to the plan you make in your mind, but simply having a plan in itself is a good start. Although planning events may be something you are good at, it’s always better to gain more experience, and in that way you keep learning. Try working with a wedding or party planner to gain some knowledge and insight about the market.


Once you’ve gained knowledge and certification, then comes getting suppliers. This is a vital part of starting your own business. Reach out to well-known suppliers with a good reputation so that your business/service gains exposure as well. Getting good suppliers ensures the quality of the supplies you’re receiving, in turn making your customers happy. Find out which baker makes the best cakes and which caterer makes the best meals. A satisfied customer is always an added bonus.

Contacts and clients

The most important step is reaching out and getting clients. This is a vital step to enlarge your business and get it rolling. Start by printing business cards and make use of your contacts to pass the word of your business. Make posters and hand them out to local businesses, so that customers passing along will take a look. Word of mouth is another way to get the clients in.

Going Online

Once you’ve got a few customers and have planned a few events, it’s time to expand. Go online with your work, and create pages on social media platforms. Social media is todays hub for every and anything. Not only does it help you gain clients faster, it’s an easy way to check up on competitors and share your ideas. Promoting your business online will even eventually get you international recognition and a larger client base. However, ensure you update all social media platforms on a daily basis to keep it going. You can even start your business online, by creating a website. Begin with cake delivery in Singapore, delivery of customized decorations or simply giving advice to people seeking ideas!

Becoming an event planner gets hundred times easier if it is something you are passionate about. Once your passion shows in what you’re doing, you’ll become a pro in in no time!