3 Ways To Make Learning Fun And Exciting For Your Kids

It is not enough that a child shows up to school and is present in class to ensure that he is learning and getting something out of it. A child needs to be actively involved in the learning process to engage his mind and body in learning as well as to help him retain his lessons better. Any child responds to fun, but not necessarily to learning. What is the reason? Lessons are boring. So why can’t they be fun? Of course they can! Here are a few ways in which pre-schools and schools are making learning fun, exciting and more actively involving for kids; If you are interested about mandarin classes you can visit this site http://www.edugrove.com.sg/programmes/programme-descriptions/.

1. A Little Song and Dance Makes Everything Better

Most pre-schools and schools have adapted roleplaying, singing and dancing in lessons to make them more interesting and relatable to children. One particular chinese enrichment in Singapore believes in the power of the creative arts in more effective learning abilities and has made drama, song and dance prominent features of their curriculum for young children between the ages of one and three. Roleplaying helps children relate to others better by inspiring them to empathise with the characters they are playing and perceiving the world from another perspective. Singing something rather than just saying it helps the lyrics to be memorised and retained in the memory better and it is not uncommon for teachers to incorporate parts of lessons into songs. Dance can awaken both the mind and body and help children to understand learnings better by becoming more involved.

2. Arts and Crafts Enrich Creative Thinking

Children are fond of all things colours, whether it is crayons, paint, colour pencils, clay, paper or chalk. Encouraging a child to make something beautiful out of a few pieces of material put in front of him can encourage creative thought, which he can then use in his other lessons as well. Special holiday programmes organised by many modern pre-schools and schools aim at getting the children more involved in creative activities and thereby giving them the opportunity for more active rather than passive learning. By engaging the children in such activities, not only will their hidden talents be surfaced and improved, but the skills acquired from such creative activities can make them more thoughtful and imaginative individuals as well.

3. Experiencing the Outdoors to Sharpen Capabilities

There is very limited fun that a kid can have trapped inside a building. Letting a child go out into the open can encourage him to appreciate and admire the beauty of nature more profoundly as well as learn important lessons from what he sees, hears and feels around him. Outdoor activities such as sports, gardening, educative games and friendly interactions can ensure that a child is physically fit, mentally sharp and socially skilled.