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Month: June, 2011

Peppers on the Grill

This could give the growler some competition:

A barbecue grill as a planter!  I almost forgot to tell you that I am starting some pepper plants in an old barbecue grill that we couldn’t use this year.  Well, let’s just say, I wasn’t so sure it would work out so I was keeping it close to the chest.  Anyway, maybe I could transplant these into the garden plot when it’s time to pull up the zucchini.  I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have any creative gardening tools or tactics?

#2: Grow Some Vegetables


That, my friends, is a zucchini from my very own vegetable garden!  I could not be more excited.  We ate this, our first fresh zucchini, raw and undressed on a car ride to the beach.  I cannot think of a more rewarding snack.  Also, it means I get to cross something off of my “30 Before 30″ list.  (Remember this post?)

The garden, in general, is doing amazing.  The tomato plants have sprouted, the green beans have too, and I have a small patch of arugula that has been giving our salads an extra kick for over a week now.  Yum!  I am already compiling zucchini and green bean recipes to try.  Do you have any favorites?  And I am starting to think about what I might plant in the late summer or early fall.  Any suggestions?

This is what the rest of the garden looks like, after just one short month:

I hope the plants continue to thrive in the summer heat and that they continue to be pest-free.  I read somewhere that citrus keeps the bugs away so I sprayed an orange peel tea on the leaves at the first sight of bugs.  Please continue to share tips and tricks, if you have them.  (And thanks to those of you who have!)

Happy gardening, everyone!

Beach Day

The weather has been glorious all weekend, so we decided to take a much needed trip to the beach…

Rachel had a blast!  She charged the waves in fearless fashion and Jim joked later that I was more afraid of the water than she was.  Too.  True.  I squeal and shirk at almost every wave, including the really small ones because they look scary from afar.  I knew better than to take the camera with me because it would surely end up underwater, but I do regret not getting photos of Rachel’s fearless fun.  Just imagine the most daring and happy toddler in the world.

After we were able to pull Rachel away from the ocean, we soaked up the sun and played in the sand.  Rachel tried to bury as many things as her teeny handfuls of sand would allow.

Such a fun day.  Hope your weekend was delightful too.

Some Harmless Fun

Today we proved that you can get both a mental and physical workout at the bookstore.  Rachel scared one store clerk by climbing two of their step stools at once, and irritated another by pushing one of the children’s chairs all the way to the cafe on the opposite end of the store.

Hope you had a little harmless and unexpected fun today too!

Rachel in June

Oh baby, what a tough month you have had.  So many big changes for such a little girl.  Just as we expected, you have been a trooper through it all.  I have learned so, so much about you this month.

Now that you’re running around and living mostly out of our arms, you prove your affection by galloping over for regular great big hugs.  I adore our little popsicle-eating sessions, which have become an afternoon routine.  We sit, facing each other, and you, always the popsicle-stick-holder, let me sneak a bite in if I’m lucky.  You share reluctantly, like you’re sharing a secret, and I can’t help but smile at your ways.  I imagine us sharing popsicles and other treats through the years ahead, intimately sharing the details of our day, our interests, passions, loves, and challenges.  And I will always thank you for sharing these moments with me.